#28daysoflovingmyself: Days 1 & 2

I tried to write a post last night, but in the spirit of loving myself, I thought I’d rather get an extra hour of sleep, instead. So I did.

Without further ado, and in the spirit of trying to keep these short and to the point (ha), here is the days-one-and-two package, ladies and gentlemen.

(if you missed the prologue of #28daysoflovingmyself, you can read it here).

Our body, that beast.

Have you ever had dull or dry skin? I have, many times.

(No, this post didn’t just turn into some dermatological issues support group. I have a point. I swear).

I was thinking earlier how resilient our body is.

Image courtesy of Good Housekeeping, 2015

I remember one time my skin was so dry, the Arabian desert on a hot summer day had nothing on me. All it took was a little consistent scrubbing, a little consistent moisturizing, and my skin has since been softer than it was 20 years ago.

I’ve had phases where I’d go days barely drinking any water, and then a couple days of drinking an adequate amount would put my body back on track.

I’ve gone weeks without getting enough hours of sleep. A couple days on a consistent schedule would give me back my normal self.

I could think of a 100 other examples, but, the point is, my body (and yours) asks for so little. When I do right by it, it responds right back at me and returns the favor.

How, though?

With our lives being as busy as they are, how can we possibly manage to put our bodies (and, thereby, selves) first, and still balance the requirements and needs of work, school, family, and friends.

I don’t know. This is why I’m doing this, ‘member? But, I did find a couple ways of being good to my body and self on just the first two days of the series:

Making no great again

I haven’t lived at home (or with my family), since I was 14 (I didn’t run away; I left to ‘murica for school). Leaving the UAE for a ‘layover’ in the motherland (Lebanon), on my way back to the land of the free, has been an adjustment, to say the least. Putting under the same roof people that have lived thousands of miles apart the last decade and a half is no easy feat. We love each other to death (always have and distance has most definitely made all of our hearts grow fonder), but we’ve all come up with different ways of doing things and, quite literally, living, that it took us a good while to get back into it.

Long story (as) short (as I know how), now that we’re back to loving-and-doving, it’s been particularly frustrating that I don’t get to hang out with them as much as I want to with my unbelievable schedule of prepping for a school, a move, and getting work done. Being at home was, in part, so I could have quality time with them, before I move away again. I’ve had no time for them nor anyone/thing else in the last few weeks.

I decided that something’s gotta give, so I’ve had to let go of my biggest client, a really expensive move, but one that will win me, me.

Some of my people

Ever since I started consulting independently (in the lead-up to grad school this fall), I’ve been barely moving. I’ve been so sedentary, in fact, that on Day 0 of this series, I barely broke 3,000 steps (in comparison to the 10,000+ steps daily back when I had a standard, full-time, in-office job).

Yesterday (Day 1), I was up to 7,100-ish, beating my bestfriend (which is unheard of), who must have had a rough day at the office, but, still. I’ll take the victory while it lasts. That’s still way less than how much I used to walk, but more than double how much I walked the day before; that’s not nothing. I did it by getting creative and one-upping standing desks, by physically carrying the laptop and typing while I do a couple laps at home.

What changed in 24 hours?

A couple things: one, I’m very competitive, so turning anything into a competition is bound to succeed. When I decided that I’d be starting this new chapter, I re-engaged my

Blurry - IJR
My health and fitness sponsors

best friend and her boyfriend who have long been my health and fitness ‘sponsors,’ if I may. The second they were back on board, I invited them to a Fitbit challenge, like the good old days. Hectic schedules for all three of us has meant that we’ve not been able to keep in touch as much as we’ve liked to, so our conversations and regular catchups would happen ad-hocly, whenever we’re able to squeeze them in.

We’ve talked, pep-talked, and teased each other in the last three days more than we have in months. What an amazing freakin’ cause to bond over.

Exercising (and other things) in unconventional ways

Our Muffin is the apple of our eyes. I didn’t use to be a pet person until Muffin joined our

17991876_10155234850924889_5633302323171988909_n (1)

family. And now I don’t know how I went this long without loving something so cute. Summer has hit hard in Muffinworld, though, and she’s been extra cranky. She barks at everyone and everything. If we hug, she barks, if we fight, she barks, if the phone rings she barks. Bref, it’s gotten extremely annoying. I can’t get work done sometimes because of how loud and consistent the barking is. When I took time to step away from the laptop, I realized that she just wants attention. Every time she’s barked and I got annoyed over the last few days, she’d go grab as many of her rubber balls as she can manage, so we can play fetch (which, to this day, she still doesn’t understand, fully, but a girl can try). Playing with her for a few minutes every couple hours has not only helped me move around a lot more than I have been, it also meant that she’s been quieter than ever. The girl just wanted some lovin’. Don’t we all.

‘A bundle of joy’ (read a bit of sarcasm)

My parents told me (using different terms, but essentially meaning) that I’ve become a pleasure to be around, overnight. I’m not sure how to feel about that.

The most interesting bit about all of this has been that, by putting myself first, I’ve somehow had more time to spend and keep in touch with the people I love than I had been in weeks, get more sleep, feel and look happier, and I’ve not, in the process, dropped any major responsibilities.

We’re onto something here, folks.

à demain!

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